memphis aerial

Many cities in North America boast a wide range of historical landmarks, a lot in which date back before the country’s first birthday in 1776. With that said, there aren’t too many that encompass a smorgasbord of cultural influences in the same fashion as Memphis, Tennessee. It’s no secret that this southern city carved a mammoth design in American music, due to it’s location and demographics. However, its impact and occurrences neither begin nor end with music, as there are many other facets to Memphis’s history.

While Graceland, Beale St, and the National Civil Rights Museum are the hallmark staples for the average tourist, this site is designed to take you off the beaten path. By all means, hit all the aforementioned, but also keep in mind there are other compelling points of interest as well as culinary dives lurking in the town’s underbelly. Listed above are various homes, recording studios, delicacies, churches, motels, and museums that are sure to provide you the good, bad, and everything in between that comprise…Obscure Memphis!